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It's been kinda a low productivity couple of days here, even though I
had high hopes that they wouldn't be. I'm still stuck with my mom's
craft website design that I've been working on. I've been poking at it
here and there still and I can't seem to find anything that works and
doesn't look stupid. Still. I think at this point I might need to put
some distance on it and come back refreshed.

The most productive
thing I've done was to go searching for some fonts that might kick start
the process. Finding a foothold to work with starting out seems like
it's an issue for me with this project. I just can't find something to
use as a base that I can work off of. I find a couple of neat fonts that
should work well on a craft store type page that I've been playing
around with, but nothing jumps out at me.

So I've been doing some
more transferring of my blog posts over to my new blog at So far I've got all of august and September 2006 transferred over and about half of October. I posted a lot
more back in the days when I first got my blog, so once I get pas the
first 3-4 months, the rest should follow pretty quickly after that.

also been feeling in the mood to play some sort of RPG type game.
There's been a lot of talk about Final Fantasy 13 that I've heard
recently that's been influencing me. I borrowed Dragon Quest 8 for the
PS2 (after going through my old blog posts and remembering that one of
my now roommates offered to let me borrow it from them after they had
finished in a couple days. This was 3 years ago) but it wasn't quite
what I was looking for it seems. So I'm going to be borrowing Dark Cloud
2 for a while instead and hoping that scratches the itch for now.

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