Going Camping! Or Not…

August 12, 2009 at 7:55 pm Leave a comment

If you recall earlier in my summer activities post, my family is
having a little family gathering out at the family's favorite state park
this weekend. A bunch of them are going to be camping out overnight and
everything, but my particular branch of the family was just going to go
out on Saturday for the day.

For a brief moment though, that plan
had changed. I went out to lunch with my Mom yesterday and she asked if
I would be interested in actually camping out. It'd been a while since I
had gone camping (a loooong while) and I agreed. There were some holes
in this plan though. First of all, we didn't have any camping equipment.
She was going to try to borrow a tent from somewhere and some
supplies…we were going to be borrowing the cooking implements of other
family members, etc.

Then we started discussing it. Thinking
about food storage and lack of showers. Then we thought about sleeping
on the hard ground and not getting enough rest. It'd be annoying to have
to borrow everything from everyone and it's pretty short notice. We had
realized that we thoroughly talked ourselves out of the idea.

closing the door to camping out in the future, but for now…it's not
really a good option

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